Sunday, August 27, 2006



Little boy blond,
Where did I go wrong?
Was it when I tried to out you?
because I knew all about you?
Was it when
I tried to be your friend?

Little boy blond
Now you’re gone
- out of my life
And my only mistake –
Was I didn’t know you better.

Boy in the big blue Jeep,
you promised me
You’d sweep me off my feet
You promised:
Walks on the beach,
Candle light dinners,
and evenings at the movies.

But it never happened
you never showed
And I wondered –
Was that really your picture
or was it just you afraid to show yourself?

Like a fool,
I fell for your lies.
I waited and watched,
but you never showed
I hoped
that we could make some magic
but it never happened
I resolved to give you up
and move on.

Now I’m caught
in the spider’s web
He has weaved me
into his web
And choked me
into submission

I loved him,
but now we have made peace
We live in symbiotic harmony
I have left him alone,
and he has left me alone

Some day,
He will come
When I least expect him
Still, I look for him
Because I know he is out there

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