Sunday, August 27, 2006

He Waits

He Waits
Two chairs
rest idly on the shore of the bay
One sits empty,
while in the other, he waits

The sun shines brightly
and it reminds him
of her radiant smile
He feels the heat
and it reminds him
of her temper
He looks at her empty chair
- and he waits

She will be back,
she tells him
She’s gone inside.
Maybe for her smokes
- and he waits

He drifts off to sleep
The summer breeze reminds him
of her warm breath on his neck
She comes to him in his dream
I will see you again some day,
she promises
He awakes to her empty chair
- and he waits
The stars are out when he awakes.
- and he smiles
She is up there somewhere
smiling down on him
She is the brightest star
in the sky that night
He knows
she is smiling down on him
He looks again
Her chair is still empty
- and he waits.

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