Monday, April 11, 2005

Piled higher and deeper

The media is not helping me in getting over the hump much. Every day new details come out that just make it that much harder to accept. Today, I read where JE Merritt, the contractor, had placed its trailers too close to a danger zone in a fatal plant explosion in Pennsylvania. Then, come to find out, the standard industry wide is that trailers shouldn't even be near dangerous work zones. Are we not learning something people?
Anyhow, I've begun my crusade for tougher OSHA regulations. I wrote a letter to the House and Senate Energy commitees, and a letter to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. My advice to anyone reading this blog is to write to your represenatives, your senators, anyone who will listen, and ask them to give OSHA some teeth because if not, you will be at risk too no matter where you live. Think about it. Every time there's an accident at a refinery, it means a loss in production, which costs the company and it is then passed on to the consumer. Think about it the next time you pay almost $3 a gallon for gasoline. All right, off my soap box.
There's my thought for the day.

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